About Us

What is BondSheets.com?
Bond Sheets helps raise capital for companies by taking equity in the company and resell the value of the equity to bond holders. Bond Sheets will hold equity in all different types of companies that have value in their IP or collateral that they own free and clear. Then Bond Sheets will resale the bond value from the equity value of the company to the creditors.

Why use BondSheets.com?
We know that 60% of equity based companies that have a "Kickstarter" type fundraiser fail to raise the capital it needs to start successfully. By going through BondSheets.com we will acquire your equity to raise the capital for your company needs in the sale of bonds. After you pay back the creditors who purchased the company bonds then you receive your equity back.

Who are the creditors?
Creditors are holders of the bonds.

What are investors or creditors?
Investors or creditors are anyone that has capital that can be used for an investing purpose.

What are Bonds?
A bond is a long-term contract under which a borrower (the issuer) agrees to make payments of interest and principal, on specific dates, to the holders (creditors) of the bond.

What is a register bond?
Registered bond is a bond whose issuer (BondSheets.com) records ownership and interest payments. Differs from a bearer bond, which is traded without record of ownership and whose possession is the only evidence of ownership.

Are the bonds that are created by Bond Sheets registered by the SEC?
No, the bonds are on the secondary market and are considered “Junk Bond” status. However we hold creditor status of all companies that sell their equity to us. In the event of Chapter 11 or 14, Bond Sheets will obtain 100% of the company to resale and refund are creditors.

How does the company sell equity on Bond Sheets?
Bond Sheets will get into a legal agreement to take equity in the free and clear company based on the amount the company needs for a successful funded project. Then Bond Sheets will hold the equity in the company and issue bonds based on the value of the equity. The equity of the company is legally bonded to Bond Sheets and it is never resold to another company.

Does the company get the equity back?
Yes, once the agreement is fulfilled and all the creditors are paid back based on fulfillment of the agreement.

Can investors resale any bonds or equity?
Yes, if your bond or equity is registered on the SEC then you can log in by using one of the login (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn) buttons. Then click on the “My company profile” link to fill in the company profile. After saving the profile, then the company can click on the “Add bond” link to fill out the resale form. Since Bond Sheet cannot resale your bond, information will point to company for the resale. If your bond is registered with Bond Sheets, then we can resale your bond without any questions.

Is there a fee?
To log in as a Bond Sale Company there is not a fee. There is a fee to post a sale or resale of the bonds or equity for $2500.

Who is the owner of Bond Sheets?
James Henderson
Chief Executive Owner
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Bond Sheets helps raise capital for companies. Bond Sheets help raise capital through company debt.